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Wike Must Not Destroy Legacies of Our Forefathers ~RIVLEAF

Press Release The Rivers Leadership Advancement Foundation (RIVLEAF) has called on Governor Nyesom Wike to urgently watch his utterances and not destroy the vision of the founding fathers of the state.    They have also berated the governor for acts unbecoming of a public office holder, who should shape the hopes and aspirations of Rivers people.  RIVLEAF's admonition comes against the background of a broadcast by Wike today, where the Rivers governor threw caution to the wind and made statements undeserving of the office he occupies. RIVLEAF tasks the governor to devise new ways of speaking on matters of state and national importance, while insisting that the utterances of the governor were doing incalculable damage to the people and image of the state. RIVLEAF believes Governor Wike should show a reasonable sense of responsibility when addressing the state as there are better ways of passing messages across without sounding boastful and vengeful. Time a