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Interview: Citing SONCAP In China

Somebody like me I was part of China when China was opening up. I was one of the first Nigerians to enter China about 1986. At that point China was so poor.

I can tell you what happened in China: open policy. Opening the system for individuals to participate from their communist ideology to open—market ideology.

I was involved in setting up factories. I was involved in setting up joint foreign trade companies because I am evolving too. I am ashamed to still be going to China to buy.
Manufacturing all these things is as simple as ABC if the real atmosphere was there.

Number 1 we have to discourage massive importation; we have to discourage fraud in the payment of duties. We  have to discourage fraud in substandard products so that we can compete.

When the man ( Mr. Majiagu) went back he narrated to the then DG, Mr. Akaya.Mr. Akaya invited me. When I came Mr. Akaya said, “Wow, so I can find someone to (work with?) So we became friends and started having meetings. That was how we started …