Celebrating the International Youth Day …10 Resounding Quotes

 Non-Profits and organizations around the world recently marked the International Youth Day.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation was not left out. In the webinar tagged, “Investing in Africa’s Future: Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship” intellectual discourse on the critical role of the youth in igniting their potential, population, and influence to create mechanisms for sustainable development across the continent was discussed.

 The following are 10 notable quotes drawn from the event:

We need to do whatever it takes to empower our youths because they are the future of the continent – Wambui Gichuri, African Development Bank (AfDB)

Entrepreneurship is an essential part of Africa’s employment challenge and it is where we have to put our focus as a multilateral development bank – Wambui Gichuri, African Development Bank (AfDB)


It is important that governments start looking at entrepreneurship as a fundamental core topic that needs to be integrated into the educational system – Shoroke H. Zedan, World Youth Skills


We need to rethink how incubators can function in a manner whereby the projects of young entrepreneurs will start complementing each other rather than each one going in a separate direction – Shoroke H. Zedan, World Youth Skills


We are a unique continent and so we cannot take the kind of solutions that are working in Europe and America. We have to look at what issues we are facing and try to help out our young people – Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola – Founder, Wecyclers and Fellow, Tony Elumelu Foundation


Let us skill our youth, and provide them with the necessary support to improve their business concepts so that they can start to grow and scale their businesses in order to create jobs not just for themselves but for others.        Martha T.M. Phiri, PhD, African Development Bank (AfDB)


I advocate for any policy that involves young people as co-owners of the policymaking process. I really believe that when young people are given co-ownership of the table, not just invited to someone else’s, they are able to have those meaningful conversations. Alexandra Robinson, AIESEC


The SMEs are the major contributors to African economies – Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu, Tony Elumelu Foundation

Transparency is integral to good governance – Leroy Mwasaru – Founder, Greenpact Kenya and Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumnus


Governments must provide policies that enable businesses to thrive. If African countries come together, we will be able to grow resilient sustainable businesses that empower people while protecting the environment – Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola – Founder, Wecyclers and Fellow, Tony Elumelu Foundation.

Culled from the Tony Elumelu Foundation webinar.


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