www.shores2shores.com holds an interview with Mr. Leo Okafor the former Chairman  International Market Association Electronics (IMEA) to discuss the implications of citing  SONCAP certification in China.

Please you tell us your name and what you do?

My name is Chief Leo Okafor. I am the former executive chairman of Alaba International Market from 2002-2006. I am the. CEO Elite Elegance and Electricals Electronics.

The locating of SONCAP in China by Standards Organization of Nigeria, what do you have to say about this?

I was involved with Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON). When they came to our office they wondered which field they wanted to start working (from). Their first idea was electronics electricals. So they tried to come to Alaba which is the hub of electronics. But they were scared.

Which year was this?

That’s about the year 2003-2004. They believed Alaba is a kind of place they could not enter.  Eventually they decided, according to them, to send one Mr. Majiagu. Majiagu came with a little bit of fear. When he came to Alaba I welcomed him. Because over the years of trading some of us have started developing brand names.
And we know how other countries developed. Even in Nigeria these PZ, Unilever all of them started as trading companies then graduated to manufacturing. We cannot continue trading year in year out.


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