Location of SONCAP in China Triggers Proliferation of Fake Products.

Sandra Ukele

The International Market Association Electronics has  urged the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) to relocate back to Nigeria the SONCAP certification processes which is presently cited in China.

The call is made by the former chairman of the association simply known as Mr. Leo  at a stakeholders sensitization seminar held in Alaba Lagos.

Mr. Leo claims to have advised SON to situate the SONCAP verification process here in Nigeria to afford traders the opportunity to register and test their products in SON's accredited laboratories.

In his words he had presented to SON the need to locate SONCAP processing in Nigeria but due to vested interests the verification process was routed to China.

According to Mr. Leo, SON conceeded it could not register and test each product in Nigeria due to the cumbersome nature involved.

He however assured them that if the Agency could start-up with a single product it would definitely reach the final product available.

Today, products are not tested in China before SONCAP certificate is issued.

Mr. Leo alludes the absence of SONCAP processing in Nigeria to the infiltration of fake and substandard products into the Nigerian state.

Speaking at the forum titled, Zero Tolerance to Substandard Products the former chairman IMEA said:

‘What I was telling them that time I registered Elite Elegance is without this registration I can’t open Form M but you people (SON) now changed it to,

“Go and get it in China,”

'And China people pay 1400 CYN give me  product certificate I will open Form M, you don’t know what I'm opening Form M for.’

Taking a swipe at the security challenge and lack of accredited laboratories he continued,

'Even the task force you are saying, we discussed with SON at that time that they must involve this Alaba people (traders) to have a task force.

'I was the one that told them to come and have office in Alaba here but at the end because of particular interest; we discussed to get a bigger office with mini lab that would be very easy to test something (product), Mr. Leo said.

Pix: The Director General Standards Organization of Nigeria, Barr. Osita Aboloma.


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