Indonesian Stocks Rise After Coronavirus Hit

The Indonesian stock picks up today by 3 per cent after falling by 5,354 on Monday.

The plunge is consequent to two reported cases of Coronavirus by the Indonesian President Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo.

According to Jokowi the 2 people, a 64-year old and 31-year old daughter have been in contact with a Japanese citizen who tested positive in Malaysia in February. This was after visiting Indonesia in early February.

The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI), the main stay of the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) rose 1.3 per cent to 5,431.30 as Tuesday trading session was announced.

The JCI closed at 1.68 per cent on Monday recording it’s lowest ebb since February 2017.

“The market players seem to have calmed themselves down from their self-induced panic last week,” Chris Apriliony a Jase Utama Capital Equity analyst says.


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