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For a few years now I’ve been compiling what seems to be my personal experiences during my pregnancy months and delivery.

I have taken time to observe my bodily changes, my weight gain, my weird eating habits, the daily discoveries of my new state, and the helplessness of receiving every form of advice that comes from women (related persons, strangers, passersby, the list goes on) and sometimes men!

In my state of amazement and recordings I decided not to write about just myself but also inculcate the experiences of other women around the world.

Pregnancy: A Personal Perspective is a book that describes the consistent changes occurring in the bodies and minds of mothers living in different spaces and climes in this universe.

It is a book filled with true stories of mothers around the world who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth. The illustration is written to enlighten, educate and encourage other mothers-to-be in their daily discoveries to give life to a newborn.