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Border Closure …The Benin Experience

Sandra Ukele

The current shut down of the Nigerian land borders has inflicted severe agonies on both the Nigerian citizens and Beninois people notwithstanding.

The Benin nation has become engulfed with hardships that some of the people are reportedly falling sick of High Blood Pressure.

Speaking in a telephone interview with our correspondent Sandra Ukele, the Secretary General of Benin Licensed Clearing Agents Federation, Mr. Jude Fagbemy said the goods stuck at the border are 60 per cent Nigerian products. This is about 1500 trucks stuck at the border point.

Mr. Fagbemy affirms that due to the blockage, truck drivers and transporters have turned the area into a defecation point where they excrete and urinate indiscriminately. This he says may lead to an outbreak of epidemic.

Asked if Benin republic is ready to increase the quality of it’s produce,  Secretary General has this to say:

“That is a normal something. Nigeria should allow those trucks to enter. What are they going to do wi…