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Empowering Women in Maritime Communities... Jadesimi speaks

IMO's Theme: Empowering Women in Maritime Communities …Dr. Amy Jadesimi speaks loud in this interview with

Empowering Women in the maritime sector how do you think the empowerment should come? Should it just be by giving funds to women, should it be allowing them access more educational fields such as going for more training or is it opening up more employment spaces? How do you think we should structure this?

As private sector I would say the first thing we have to do is recognize that in order to empower women or have equal representation of women in companies, we have to restructure our companies.

That means we need to have policies around that encourage hiring of women because fewer women come forward. You have to go out and look for these women.
And just to be clear that is not to say that you should hire women who are less qualified than men. No it’s to say that since the women for various reasons are not coming forward you should go out and look for t…