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NPA To Pay Tally Clerks Outstanding Balance Soon.

Sandra Ukele

The President General of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria Mr. Adewale Adeyanju has called on tally clerks and onboard security men to exercise caution in the demand for their remuneration and pensions from the Nigeria Ports Authority.

Mr. Adeyanju made this known at a sensitization meeting with Union members where he admonished members to desist from every act of violence, misdemeanor and ignorance that may mar their chances of accessing the outstanding payments.

In his words, “I think the payment of tally clerks and onboard security men anytime from now will be made available to everybody.

“The directive has come, the approval has come from the office of the Ministry of Transportation duly signed by the Permanent Secretary on behalf of the Minister of Transport onward to the Nigeria Ports Authority for payment.

“Hence NPA has to see how she can manage to pay this money,” he confirmed.

The President General assured that as soon as the final approval is settled, the …

Executive Chat with LADOL Helmsperson Dr. Amy Jadesimi

Image holds an executive chat with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL) Dr. Amy Jadesimi at the Corporate Headquarters in Lagos. Below are excerpts of the chat.

Recently Nigeria signed the African Continental Free Trade Agreement?  What (effect) do you think the signing of the AfCFTA will have on LADOL?

The impact of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement could be substantial You know the maritime industry could be a trillion dollar industry: a lot of  that money we need to make sure that that industry is being fed from Africa.

In other words that the things that the maritime industries are carrying, from the ships on the water to repairing the ships, building the ships, to all of the trade facilitation that’s done  through the maritime sector is indigenous.

Where LADOL plays a role in that is at a company that is 100 percent indigenous-Nigeria, since our inception in 2001 we have been focused effectively, increasing the lev…