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What is The Best Way to Teach Science?

The increase in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning over the years has been for the affirmative.

However, science, has remained a critical subject that has created tension between teachers and students over the past century due to the way it is taught.

Teachers argue that the best way to teach science is through the scientific method, but experts say that is inaccurate and reductive to the idea of science.

By only receiving a framework, the students can get the wrong idea and not see the rigorous work done by scientists.   Writing in-depth about the debate, John Rudolph, an Education professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, published in his book, How We Teach Science: What'sChanged, and Why It Matters. In the book, he argues why it may not be a great idea to teach the scientific method. The evolution of the scientific method Mr. Rudolph explains that from the early to middle 1800s, science was introduced to students in ways to engage them to see i…

Lagos State Holds Maiden Executive Council Meeting

The Lagos State Government yesterday held it’s first Executive Council Meeting.

The meeting which served as an avenue to address the various projects and challenges beseeching the state was also a wake-up call to action for the remaining days of the year.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu speaking on Twitter affirmed, “For the remaining 1,364 days ahead of us, we will justify the trust invested in us by Lagosians,” he tweeted.

He said,” We are poised as a team, and more determined as a government to serve the people.”

In his words, “ The work for a greater Lagos will take a firmer root.”

We hope so o.