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8.5 million Nigerians Experience Disabling Hearing Loss – WHO

Sandra Ukele

An audiologist from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia has cautioned that most Nigerians are losing their hearing abilities gradually due to generator noise.

Prof. Dele Owolawi  made this affirmation in his state-of-the-art clinic in Lagos where he mentioned that:

”Generator noise is one of those things killing us (Nigerians) and I beg to say that we are dying piecemeal without being aware of it.

"The smoke itself which is carbon monoxide is detrimental to health, the auditory effects and the vibratory effects too. Because the vibration also affects the vestibular system.

"You see people many times they go to the generator set  they pull it and it begins to vibrate.

 "All these things put together is a health destroyer. Constantly being exposed to a generator noise causes  a lot of harm.

“But if someone is compelled to be exposed to a generator noise they need to use earplugs, Prof. Owolawi stressed.

The audiologist gave an estimate from the World Health …