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Good Governance is in The Security of Citizens- Oby Ezekwesili

Good governance is the expectation that the government and it’s mechanisms work effectively to deliver the desired outcomes to citizens.

Good governance constitutes all the processes, procedures, structures, institutions and visions that lead to the delivery of governance outcomes to citizens.

Nobody cares who you like in a democracy. The culture of democracy is that we as citizens must have the VOICE. We must have the VOICE to speak to what the demands are on governance.

The absolute belief is that good governance is demonstrated in the security and safety of lives of citizens.

Citizens have to be alive in order to enjoy the benefits of governance.
A government is effective enough to safeguard the lives of citizens.

This is not our story.

Aside from the real life stories that happened we didn’t know that information gathered said that in 2018 we (Nigeria) actually lost about 2000 of our fellow citizens in needless killings without any consequences to those that killed them.

Oby Ezekwesi…