Jadesimi Laments Lagos Being a War Zone

On security issues beguiling the Nigerian state, Dr. Amy Jadesimi, CEO Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL)  speaks expressly in this interview with Sandra Ukele on www.shores2shores.com.

Taking a shift towards security, the Global Maritime Security Conference kiks off in Abuja, how would you say our security enforcement is now, any better?

I think there are 2 aspects to (the) security question and you always have to consider both aspects. The first aspect is the perception.

From the perspective of the maritime sector you wouldn’t believe that from a maritime perspective and the international community the insurance community considers even Lagos hub to be a war zone. And so from the international community it is saying that Lagos is a war zone.

However, IMO themselves have an ISPS status for Lagos of 1. Which means it is as safe as San Francisco, as New York as London because they all have ISPS status of 1.

The first thing I would say when you look at security, let’s look at the misconceptions that are prevailing across the world, about the level of insecurity in Nigeria over-estimating it but when you look at the fact such as the ISPS level we are actually as safe as any of these other places.

Having said that we have challenges that we have to tackle. Nigeria is a low-income high-growth country that means we have challenges that you do not see in high income countries. And in order to tackle those challenges we need to improve certain aspects of the way we handle security. We need to develop specialized solutions for our environment.

And so I think the point of the maritime conference is both to dispel the misconceptions where people are that Nigeria is more dangerous than it is as well as tackle the problems that we do have on ground through local homeland solutions.

Your company is situated in LADOL Free Zone, working there how has it been?

So LADOL Free Zone is a private indigenous free zone and it’s one of the specialized free zones so it’s an industrial free zone. (How is it specialized?)
By being focused on industries.

So by the time it became a free zone (when an area is designed to be a Free zone it has to be for a specific purpose) for us we are focusing on aspects of the maritime sector: deep offshore logistics support and industrial activity and engineering.

Industrial activity like if you want to build ships or to build solar panels. Industrial activity that you would see us expanding into over the next years is also agricultural process. It you want to store your agricultural products, if you want to package them, if you want to export them across the whole of Africa through the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement, we can do that.

So the concept of LADOL is to provide a sustainable, industrial, special economic zone. It’s an environment where companies can manufacture and engineer for the local market.
And it also enables us to be a hub for West Africa certainly where through AfCFTA for the whole of Africa as well.


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