Comptroller Florence Dixon of PTML Command speaks on female empowerment and participation.

IMO Empowering Women In Maritime Communities: 
Interview with Compt. Florence Dixon of PTML Command, Tin-Can Apapa, Lagos she speaks with our correspondent Sandra Ukele of

There is this gap we see, we don’t know if it is perceived, but do you think older women are creating enough mentoring sessions for younger women to take over from?

I think the question should be, 'Are the younger ones willing to be mentored?' Because I think it should be both ways. There should be willingness on the part of the mentees and the mentor. So if the younger ones are willing, why not? We'll oblige them.

Are there programme you are putting in place as older women for the younger ones, to draw them closer to avoid pitfalls?

There is this general perceived concept of women not cooperating with women but I think gradually we are overcoming it. We are not there yet but at least we are making progress.

Most times we talk about empowerment, empowerment, empowerment especially empowering women. We see people going out there for acquisition of skills, do you think IMO's theme of “ Empowering Women In Maritime Communities” should it just be in form of funding, providing funds, maybe acquisition of skills or should it be otherwise or should there be something else to make it divergent?

I think it should be multifaceted (like?) Acquiring skills, having access to funds, then being given equal opportunities as men it can go on and on.


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