NPA To Pay Tally Clerks Outstanding Balance Soon.

Sandra Ukele

The President General of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria Mr. Adewale Adeyanju has called on tally clerks and onboard security men to exercise caution in the demand for their remuneration and pensions from the Nigeria Ports Authority.

Mr. Adeyanju made this known at a sensitization meeting with Union members where he admonished members to desist from every act of violence, misdemeanor and ignorance that may mar their chances of accessing the outstanding payments.

In his words, “I think the payment of tally clerks and onboard security men anytime from now will be made available to everybody.

“The directive has come, the approval has come from the office of the Ministry of Transportation duly signed by the Permanent Secretary on behalf of the Minister of Transport onward to the Nigeria Ports Authority for payment.

“Hence NPA has to see how she can manage to pay this money,” he confirmed.

The President General assured that as soon as the final approval is settled, the mode of payment for tally clerks and onboard security men would be announced.

Viral Video Accuse Nigerian Dockworkers of Pilfering

Responding to a video that has gone viral on social media where Nigerian dockworkers are allegedly accused of pilfering, dismantling and replacing imported vehicle tyres with fairly-used ones, Comrade Adeyanju debunked the claim affirmingthat it is not Nigerian dockworkers who are involved in the dastardly act.

He says that the video clip could have originated from another African country such as Kenya, Cameroun or any other African country.

The President of Dockworkers Comrade Ibrahim Ohize strongly rejected the allegations setting out pointers that showed the Dockworkers were not of Nigerian origin.

Mr. Ohize said the uniform worn by the men were without a name tag, so also was the helmet. He confirmed that containers with the CMA CGM logo as displayed in the clip were sent to Apapa Ports and not RoRo of Tincan Ports.

However, when correspondents from visited RoRo port, they were denied access to verify the pointers.

Meanwhile, Comrade Adeyanju says Nigerian Dockworkers are reformed, detoxified of bad blood and purified.

“People should not tag us with what is happening either in Kenya, Cameroun and they now zoom it to Nigeria saying, 'Look at Dockworkers,'

“They should not accuse us because we are all redeemed Dockworkers and we are equally professionals,” he stressed.


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