Grassroots Involvement Crucial to Success of Anti-Graft Fight - Adeniran

Press Release

The Executive Chairman of the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL), Comrade Debo Adeniran topless has made it strong case for the involvement of people in the grassroots, if the anti-corruption fight of the Muhammadu Buhari administration is to succeed.
Comrade Adeniran who made the case in Lagos during an interactive program at Eko FM on Wednesday morning charged the people to own the anti-graft fight of the Federal government as they ended up being the victims of the evil effects of the monster that had held the nation down for ages.
CACOL, according to the anti-corruption crusader had embarked on educating the grassroots on how to assert their rights because in the final analysis they are the hardest hit adding that they were the ones that took the pain to trek long distances and queue to cast their ballots with a view to installing people in government Leaders, the CACOL leader said, emerged from the grassroots and they were known by the people. "The people are in the best position to know who to support for political positions; they know them; they can identify them" he said, adding, “dishonest politicians should be blacklisted; they should be ostracized. That's why we are educating the grassroots."
Comrade Adeniran also enjoined political authorities to embark on need assessments before budget-making by involving the people at the grassroots in the process while people themselves should get involved in budget implementation through monitoring.
In response to a question, he disclosed that CACOL had recommended some courts should be designated to handle corruption trial, but added the pedigree of the judges for such assignments hard to be ascertained.
Comrade Adeniran, who noted that some corruption cases had dragged on for long argued that such cases dragged because of the powerful people involved, adding that the influential people were the ones making the cases drag.
The present administration, he maintained, had put together a social platform upon which Sincere fighters of corruption could stand to fight, saying, "after the clog in the wheel were removed corruption cases will go on smoothly".
Urging Nigerians to be patient with the government on the current pace of the corruption fight, the CACOL leader said what Buhari is doing cannot succeed overnight, look at Singapore, Singapore was not reformed overnight, even Ghana did not change overnight, Nigeria just started and a number of safeguards such as the  BVN, TSA and so on have been put in place as a preventive measure that would make corruption crimes very difficult to commit because prevention is always better than cure and gradually, the manner at which corruption crimes are perpetrated will be abated.

Aghagbobi Ikenna
Media Officer, CACOL


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