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Parents Should Spur Children Into Farming- Rice Farmers

Sandra Ukele
Parents have been advised to encorage their children into farming instead of seeking a white collar job which may no longer be available says the National Deputy President Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria, Mr Segun Atho.
Speaking at one day capacity training on rice production and input application, orgainsed by the association in Badagry, Lagos Atho said parents should change their attitudes towards agriculture and encourage their children to come into agriculture.
According to him, “We cannot continue to import rice and other foods; Nigerians can feed Nigerians without the help of other countries.
Atho lamented it is so unfortunate so many young people are still searching for white collar jobs which is no longer available.
Atho stressed, ” Agriculture must be seen as business, not as a hobby. Nigeria has about 95 million hectares of farming land, and 6 million of this land is suitable for growing rice, which makes agricultural sector spacious enough to accommodate large n…