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This is again to inform and advise all practicing Freight Forwarders and
Licensed Customs Agents as secondary Freight Agents to understand that it
is compulsory for all practitioners and intending members to register with
the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN). 
And for the avoidance of doubt, it is a fact that CRFFN by law has the
mandate to regulate and control the practice of freight forwarding in
Nigeria.  At the moment, there are five registered Associations of Freight
Agents recognized by CRFFN and for which NAGAFF is the major player among
others with the greatest number of followers and spread across the entry
points of Nigeria international trade.

It is also at this point that we wish to inform all freight forwarders
that CRFFN is about to conduct election into the Governing Board of the
Council management and administration.  NAGAFF has just concluded its
chapter election within the Western operation whereby every voter and
contestants were ma…

Tin Can Customs Records N104.5b in Revenue Returns

Sandra Ukele
The Customs Command Tin-Can Island Ports has presented its revenue performance for the quarter spanning January-April 2018.
The presentation was done at a media briefing held in its Command at Apapa. The revenue collected for the period amounted to N104.5b naira as against a projection of N116b naira thus recording a performance rate of 90.09 per cent.
A comparative analysis on the previous year (2017) performance for the same period is valued at N82.154b naira. There is a recorded improvement in the figure of about N22.68b which is equivalent to a 27.61 per cent increase.
According to the Command the improved collection so far is resultant to the establishment of a standard operating procedure (SOP) and strong revenue drive achieved through the blocking of Areas of Revenue Leakages.
Notably, the Command hasrecorded a transformation in revenue collection and its reporting system through the implementation of NICIS 11 which is an upgrade of NICIS 1.
Some of the gains achieved b…