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Keyamo on the Need For Religious Clarity


Christians and Islamization of Nigeria

Most university graduates are nothing but huge disgrace to the academics and the certificate they carry. I now understand why a former education minister said some Nigerians graduates are unemployable.

I can't explain the kind of gullibility some people show in issues of religion and ethnicity.

A graduate will see a message from wailers saying a serving minister said President Buhari wants to Islamize Nigeria and without even referring to what the constitution says about religion they will start sharing and defending.

Is religion no longer a constitutional matter? Can Buhari wake up one day and pronounce Nigeria an Islamic nation without the National Assembly amending the relevant laws? Would anybody with such agenda get 2/3 of the 36 houses of assembly to support such amendment?

Some people suck!

Buhari as a Military Head of State with a Muslim Vice when he ruled by decree didn't Islamize Nigeria, it's now that such decisio…