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The Toyin Animaku Tirade.

The Nigeria Entertainment Industry is filled with so much lackadaisical attitudes, bizzare characters, inappropriateness and  unprofessionalism.
It is an entertainment industry where the creators of the entertainment are sad within.
I was on a Toyin Animaku production yesterday for one of her works '7 and a half dates.'
We the actors started arriving at 8am.The production was filled with aggression, abusive words, confusion, and the likes.
We were delayed from 8am to 8pm in the evening without food, water or any role to play.
We kept on asking when do we start?
Toyin Animaku walked up to us at 8pm with the news that shooting would no longer hold that night. She conjured up a scene of tiredness and helplessness. She asked us to return the next day at 8am for swift production.
We were utterly perplexed. She never talked about welfare, transportation or accommodation for those living far. She just stormed out after the orchestrated presentation.
I followed after her. I tried to e…