Sandra Ukele

I what seems as a response to the call of NAGAFF Founder Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, leader of ANALCA Mr. Aare Sanni Shittu’s has resigned from the Board of Trustees Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents recently.
According to speculators it is a wake up and response to the call of the Founder of NAGAFF to all men and women well over 60 years in the freight forwarding practice to resign from any responsible position in the various associations of Licensed Customs Agents and Freight Forwarding Associations on or before end of 2019.

It is time to go, to give room for fresh ideas in the management and
administration of registered associations of Licensed Customs Agents and
Freight Forwarding Practitioners. It is on record that the Founder of NAGAFF, Dr. B. O. Aniebonam has advice all men and women in the various Freight Forwarding Associations above 60 years old to retire with a view to providing a space for the young ones to take up responsibility in the proper management and administration of the various associations.This is because it is very apparent that diminishing return has set in with a great speed, thus affecting good governance in theadministration and management of the various associations.

There is no doubt that freight practitioners are suffering so much in the
hands of some Government agencies, shipping companies and terminal
operators, who, for avoidable reasons, have become corrupt with impunity,
thus thwarting all efforts on the part of the federal government to ease
business endeavours in the Customs ports.
It shall be the expectation ofthe young freight forwarders that by 2019 ending, all persons well over 60years of age should have resigned from any responsible position in the
various associations.

The organization appreciates and congratulatesthe bold step of Aare Sanni Shittu for listening to the advice of the Founder of NAGAFF who had earlier announced his exit by 2019 with all
NAGAFF executives well over 60 years following. Recall Aniebonam had said said:

“It is with great regret that our sister association who claim to have been in existence since 1954 could not lead by example with a view to providing a seamless access to sustainable freight forwarding practice in the association. We therefore encourage the leadership of ANLCA under Hon. Tony Iju to be decisive and at the same time remind him that BOT members are merely advisory."

In due time NAGAFF shall make further statements concerning all persons
expected to quit the seen by 2019 in the various associations.  Elders
Council should accommodate them in advisory capacity for the good of the
greater numbers of the suffering young freight forwarders.


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