Tin Can Customs Records N104.5b in Revenue Returns

Sandra Ukele

The Customs Command Tin-Can Island Ports has presented its revenue performance for the quarter spanning January-April 2018.

The presentation was done at a media briefing held in its Command at Apapa. The revenue collected for the period amounted to N104.5b naira as against a projection of N116b naira thus recording a performance rate of 90.09 per cent.

A comparative analysis on the previous year (2017) performance for the same period is valued at N82.154b naira. There is a recorded improvement in the figure of about N22.68b which is equivalent to a 27.61 per cent increase.

According to the Command the improved collection so far is resultant to the establishment of a standard operating procedure (SOP) and strong revenue drive achieved through the blocking of Areas of Revenue Leakages.

Notably, the Command hasrecorded a transformation in revenue collection and its reporting system through the implementation of NICIS 11 which is an upgrade of NICIS 1.

Some of the gains achieved by the Command through the NICIS 11 implementation includes:

Biometric Access System;

Introduction of a “one stop shop” that will enable treatment of declarations with valuations, classification and other related clearance issues.In the meantime the renovation of the one stop shop is ongoing.

Automation of the Cargo examination assignment centers. This is where officers are assigned examination procedures automatically. The center is designed to ensure transparency in inspection processes.

The Vehicle Valuation System has also been upgraded with the attachment of the Valuation Note issued to the SGD in the system. The system will enable a quick verification of assessment and duty paid.

Meanwhile the Command made the following seizures in the quarter:
1x40 and 1x20 containers of Tramadol Hydrochloride (225mg) which were declared as electrical static converters and ciprofloxacin.
3x40 containers of E Waste which are considered toxic to the environment.
5x40 containers of second hand clothing consisting of about 1,239 bales of clothing prohibited under the absolute import prohibition list.
1x40 container of used tyres as contained in Import Prohibition List for trade.
All the seized items have a duty paid value DPV of N124m naira.

Tin- Can Customs Command promises to consult with NAFDAC, NDLEA and NASREA on the seizures.

With the Federal Government Initiative on Ease of Doing Business to improve performance rating Tin Can Customs Port Command recorded positive strides in the 48 hours cargo clearance time. It is alleged that some categories of goods are cleared from the Customs zone within 6 hours.

The Command assures that trade facilitation structures have been strengthened to sustain fast track facilities, Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC), Help Desk for enquiries and operational support, Time Release Studies and use of Bank Guarantee/ Indemnity as provided in the import guideline.


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