Tin Can Customs Hold Inaugural Familiarization Meeting

Sandra Ukele
The Tin-Can Ports Command of the Nigeria Customs held its first inaugural breakfast briefing with the Press recently.
The meeting was meant to act as a familiarization module to introduce the new Customs Area Comptroller Musa M.B.A to Press men.
Compt Musa in his goodwill message eulogized the positive contributions of the the Press to activities at the Command in recent years; in his words:
“I am most delighted with your presence on this very symbolic Inaugural Press Briefing which is intended to familiarize me with the Media, having assumed office on the 1st of February, 2018.

“It is however instructive to note and pertinent to reiterate that the Media, have over the years proven to be a critical segment of the global world in consideration of their role to national development. It therefore suffices to say that the role of the Media cannot be overemphasized. 
“It is on the basis of this, that shortly after my resumption, I had sought to meet with you earlier than now to seek ways of strengthening the existing relationship between the Service and the Media and to seek for your support and cooperation. 
“I have been fully briefed on the enormous cooperation that you extended to my predecessor which ultimately gave him the needed impetus to excel, through your very Constructive, Professional and Investigative reportage of our activities.”
The new Comptroller who is fondly called a moving encyclopedia iterated the mission of the Command to include: Trade Facilitation, Revenue Collection, National Security and Capacity Building. In the Comptroler’s remarks he highlighted the key points to include:

“We are committed to contributing to the Economic growth and competitiveness through Trade Facilitation and Ease of Doing Business Initiative of the Federal Government by making Customs process and procedures more efficient to enable lower transaction cost for Business as well as achieve competitiveness in Economic productivity, growths and improving the standard of living in the Country.  We are to provide coordinating role in Ease of Doing Business Initiative.

“As part of Trade Facilitation, we are aware of the 48 hour Cargo Clearance Time.  We have therefore deployed the ‘Time Release Studies’ as performance indicator to guide our performance.
Other issues to contribute to this will include transport efficiency and efficient infrastructure which is beyond us. 

“We are deploying software to handle the remaining part of the Export Procedures.  It will enable records of none Oil Export, Agriculture and others.
“Prior to this time, the DRC was meeting twice a week to deliberate on conflicts arising from Valuation, Classification, Pre Arrival Assessment Report etc.  However on assumption and as a pointer to our renewed enthusiasm for Trade Facilitation, I have directed that all issues arising from disputes must be attended to with dispatch.

“In view of this, the DRC have been directed to sit on daily basis for quick Resolution of issues.

“We have re-engineered our help desk and made it more responsive and domicile at the PRO office.

“We shall block all revenue leakages to collect appropriate duties and meet our target of N354b naira.  so far we have collected N62b naira.  NICIS II is an upgrade of NICIS I with more efficient and functional capabilities to enable Quick Cargo Clearances thereby reduces transaction cost.  Stakeholders / Officers are undergoing Training for ease of Implementation and Migration.

“Environment and Social protection including National Security – contribute in the fight against Terrorism,  interception of illicit, dangerous, unsafe and counterfeit goods.
“To serve you better, we shall continue to build capacity in all core Customs Areas of classification, Valuation, Risk Management, Data Management etc.   We shall collaborate with other Stakeholders in some other areas.”
In his concluding word Compt. Musa threw the doors open to progressive ideas that would help move the Command forward.


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