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OANDO Power Tussle: Shareholder Rage at AGM

The 40th Annual General Meeting of OANDO Plc which held in Uyo Akwa Ibom has been disrupted by disgruntled shareholders. In what seems like a brewing storm over recent weeks finally gave way to an outpour of words and show of placards at the meeting premises. The raging emotions surrounding the struggle for the control of board and management of Oando Plc came to its climax as one of the leaders of the shareholders said the protest was an expression of their discontent with the mismanagement of the company. Recently the anti-Wale Tinubu led management placards berne by protesters had besieged the venue of the annual general meeting. It was also reported that the founder of the Independent Shareholders Association of Nigeria (ISAN), Mr Sunday Nwosu, had labeled the protesters miscreants who were hired by few minority shareholders to disrupt the meeting. But

Expect a Hydrogen and Battery Powered Benz Come 2019 ...Mercedes Tells United States.

Next year, Mercedes-Benz will join Honda, Toyota, and perhaps others in offering a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle for sale in the United States this is called the GLC F-Cell. Benz's offering is distinctive in that the electric motor's power supply comes from both a fuel-cell stack and a battery pack, making it an interesting sort of plug-in hybrid with the fuel cell acting in the role more commonly associated with a range-extending gasoline engine. The production version of this technology is being shown for the first time at the Frankfurt auto show. The GLC F-Cell uses a single electric motor to power the rear wheels; its total output of 197 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque is only a bit below the least powerful gasoline-engine Mercedes Benz GLC class currently sold in the U.S. The motor draws electricity from both a 13.8-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and from a fuel cell fed by two pressurized carbon-fiber tanks that can hold up to 9.7 pounds of liquid hydrogen. Merce


The Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Hadiza Bala Usman has reiterated Management concern over the safety and security of operations and activities on the nation’s territorial waters. She said this through the organization’s Executive Director in charge of Finance and Administration, Mohammed Bello Koko who ably represented her when the Federal Government team for the implementation of the Harmonized Standard Operating Procedure on the arrest, detention and prosecution of offenders in the maritime environment, paid a working visit to the corporate headquarters of the NPA in Marina, Lagos.   R. ADM. FD BODAI PRESENTING THE WORKING DOCUMENT, INFORMATION AND DATA ON THE COMMITTEE’S AGENDA TO THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE MD NPA AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FINANCE ADMINISTRATION MOHAMMED BELLO KOKO DURING THE VISIT TO THE NIGERIAN PORTS AUTHORITY’S (NPA) HEADQUATERS   Addressing stakeholders during the session, the Managing Director pledged to synergize with the Co

Apapa Customs Orders 100% Physical Inspection ...Sidelines Use of Electronic Scanners.

Sandra Ukele Consequential, to the increase in arms importation through the Lagos sea ports the Apapa Customs Command has resorted to a 100 per cent cargo inspection forsaking the technological use of scanning machines. The Customs Area Comptroller of the Command, Comptroller Musa Jibrin who gave the instructions that all containers leaving the ports should be subjected to a 100 per cent examination said, "We have resorted to 100 per cent examination of containers. Presently, it is almost compulsory for all containers to be examined 100 per cent in order to ensure that what the importer declared is contained correctly. "We also have weekly management meetings where everybody brings in his/her reports." Compt. Jibrin who made this known through the Public Relations Officer, Nkiru Nwala iterated: "With the ease of doing business order, a central customs examination centre was created. This also helps to bring about a working interface between Customs and ot