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NPA Slates Ikorodu Terminal For Non-Oil Export.

Sandra Ukele.

Following the export of the 72 tonnes yam produce to the European Union organised by the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development Chief Audu Ogbe at Lilipond terminal, the Managing Director of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Hadiza Usman has designated the Ikorodu terminals among others  for non-oil produce. Disclosing this at the event Miss Usman said necessary facilities would be in place to drive exportation of solid minerals and agricultural produce through the seaports. “NPA is already prioritising some terminals, strictly for export, including the Ikorodu Container Terminal,’’ Usman said. She, however, said that the only challenge with the Ikorodu Terminal was the problem of low headroom of the three bridges across the lagoon. But the NPA boss gave an assurance that several alternatives were being considered. “The development of inter-modal transportation system will help a great deal, especially rail link to the ports. “Rail link will cover almost 3,500 kil…

Nasir Yammama Receives Queen's Young Leaders Award 2017

Ena Ofugara. Recently the Queen Elizabeth honoured Nasir Yammama is a 26-year-old, northern Nigerian for his innovative discovery in Agriculture. Nasir was raised as a farmer’s child and most of his siblings are still active farmers. Once Nasir became old enough he ventured out from the fields and into Institute of Creative Technology at Middlesex University, London. This is where he began his technology interest which would later develop into something very distinct and close to home. Nasir increased his knowledge by attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and it was here that he learned how to become a quality problem solver through science and technology. With such humble beginnings on a farm with his family, it was an obvious decision that Nasir would focus his talents on developing a technological aid to farmers and their productivity. Nasir developed the company Verdant. Verdant is an AgriTech value chain company that offers solutio…

OPEC Output Records a 2017 High as Nigeria Resumes Production.

A Reuters survey has found that OPEC oil output has risen in June by 280,000 barrels per day (bpd) to a 2017 high. This comes on the heels of recovery in supply from the two member countries Nigeria and Libya exempt from a production-cutting deal which strongly offsets compliance by their peers. High compliance by Gulf producers Saudi Arabia and Kuwait helped keep OPEC’s adherence with its supply curbs at a historically high 92 percent in June, compared with 95 percent in May, the survey found. However, extra oil from Nigeria and Libya, exempted from the cut because conflict curbed their output, means supply by the 13 OPEC members originally part of the deal has risen far above their implied production target. The recovery adds to the challenge the OPEC-led effort to support the market is facing from a persistent inventory glut. If the recovery lasts, calls could grow within OPEC for the exempt countries to be brought into the production deal. “The rise in OPEC production will furthe…