Toyota Commits $1billion To Produce Sefie Cars

Toyota is set to test self-driving cars for 2020. The 'selfie' cars are to use artificial intelligence (AI) to engage drivers. It will start off conversation with drivers in order to establish user's performances, habits and emotions through deep lesrning, the company says.

"By using AI technology  we want to expand and enhance the driving experience, making cars the object of affection again," says Makoto Okabe General Manager, Toyota's EV business planning division.

Meeting stiff competition fro rival automakers and tech companies to produce self driving, intelligent cars, Toyota has committed $1billion through 2020 to develope advanced automated driving and AI technology.

According to sources the electric car would use the Concept-i model battery. The Concept-i battery will have a cruising range of 300km (180m) on a single charge and will be able to estimate the emotions and alertness of drivers by reading their expressions, actions and tone of voice.

Using such information, the vehicle will be able to take over driving when necessary after assessing the driver is too tired yo drive safely, for example.

Facing a future where car ownership may be overtaken by new mobility services, automakers are ramping up investments to develop AI capabilities to enhance safe driving.


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