Beyonce Re-unites With Destiny's Child

It was another long awaited, exhilirating moment as Beyonce and Kelly Rowland make a big come back in MItchell's video Say Yes.

 The trio had separated to form their solo groups in recent years. However, on the requests of Mitchell Williams on twitter to her 'twin' sisters to accompany her on a musical journey, Beyonce and Kelly had no better way of deferring than take time off their busy schedules to be with Mitchell.

The trio describe the experience a fun filled one as their director endlessly reminds them of being professional.

Mitchel speaking on Good Morning America confirmed that she was 'moved' to have her friends come support her solo work.

She agreed having the trio back together was great as they all struggled to remain professional on set.

Beyonce was spotted wearing denim shorts, a white poncho and bright, golden necklace. She sings and dances in a garden lit with paper lamps.


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