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Boko Haram Named Terrorists

The U.S. has actually named Boko Haram and Ansaru Islamic  groups international terrorists organisation. It also means henceforth every business, financial and support transaction with the group would be assumed a criminal offence. Boko Haram has instigated about 4000 deaths since its insurgence in 2009. Ansaru was however  founded in January 2012 and rose to significance  6 months later after releasing a video claiming it would attack Westerners worldwide in defence of Muslims. During the past three years the attacks of the  group has intensified and taken an international dimension. It bombed the U.N. building in Abuja in 2011 leaving many dead and wounded.

Boko Haram May Be Named Terrorist Group

The U.S.  regulatory agencies may name Boko Haram a foreign terrorist  organisation soon. The move which takes place on Wednesday implies that financial transactions and other material support  to the organisation  would become a crime under the U.S. law. The Boko Haram group which has continued as a menace to the  Nigerian society seeks to impose Islamic law in Northern Nigeria,  stop Western  education in the  region and promote tribalism has been responsible for thousands of deaths. The Nigerian government in June named the group a terrorist  organisation adding that any individual caught helping them will face a minimum of 20 years imprisonment. The U.S. may find it impossible to lay hold on the financial supporters of Boko Haram since Nigeria in its various attempts has failed to do so.