No Gas, No Pay

Man refuses to pay E70 (seventy pounds) for replacement of meter and has lived without electricity for 3 year! (can you beat that).
No warm food, no hot bath and no heating. Survives on corned beef sandwiches.
A man simply known as Chris Guest is in a legal battle with energy supplier Eon for refusing to pay E70 to fix his electric device.
Mr. Guest who has been subjected to read with torchlight, charge his phone at neighbor's houses and use mother's washing  machine said, "I can't cook, have a mobile phone I charge at other people's houses just so I can listen to the radio and at night it's pitch black."
Mr. Guest fell out with Eon over a bill in 2010. To resolve the problem, the firm entered his house while he was out and installed a prepayment meter using legal powers granted by the warrant of Entry Act.
Eon decline to comment on the dispute, but confirm that Mr. Guest has not used any electricity in 3 years.


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