Kim Agrees To Bear West as Surname

On the day Kim celebrates her 33rd birthday (Oct.25) she suddenly agrees to bear Kanye West surname as hers in what appears to be a spontaneous act.

When quizzed by the E! News it seemed Kim was entertaining the thought for the first time. So off she goes! The fashion diva, celebrity icon who refused to pick up 'Humphries' for surname believing it will not carry enough brand power to sell the name "Kadarshian" for which she had worked desperately hard for in years past, quickly acquiesces to go down with 'West.'

If Kim finally takes up the name 'West' it would be seen as good omen for the marriage. She has had three marriages in her past.

Well if the name Kim Kris Humphries did not carry enough strength for branding purposes then the name Kim Kardarshian West will definitely dole in more cash.


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