Cameron Diaz Has Sex in a Car

So the celebrity actress actually releases in a car! She has sex in a Ferrari.

Acting in a movie , 'The Counsellor,' based on a novel written by Colum McCann, Diaz in a flashback climb on the hood of a Ferrari, holds up her dress around her waist and spreads herself across the windshield.

"With no panties on, and has this Brazilian wax job, she does a full split, and then starts running herself up and down on the glass.

She then leans down, to see if I'm watching right now, as if I'm sitting there reading my email. And kisses me upside down and then she tells me this: I'm gonna come."

"Really [her vagina] was like one of those, one of those catfish things, you know, one of those bottom feeders you see going up the way of the aquarium sucking its way up the glass."
jarvier bardem


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